Testimonial from
Tom O’Neill, Principal Partner, Beacons Wealth

Having been a self-employed adviser for around three years, I recently took the significant step of opening my own practice. This transition brought about many changes, among which selecting the right paraplanning team was paramount. I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to partner with Mark and his team at Hadlow Edwards Paraplanning Services. They have revolutionised my process, streamlining it to enhance efficiency and significantly reduce the administrative load. This shift has allowed me to devote more time to what I love most about my job, engaging with and assisting my clients.

I must extend a special acknowledgment to Mark, who has been instrumental at every stage, ensuring the swift progression of cases—faster than I’ve ever experienced. His readiness to respond to queries, often within minutes, exemplifies the exceptional service level he and his team provide. Whilst I don’t expect this rapid response every time, Mark, it’s truly appreciated! To top it all off, Mark is a top guy and great to work with, someone I would also happily go out for a beer with alongside a working relationship 😊

This collaboration has not only made my operational processes more efficient but has also enriched the quality of service I can offer my clients, thanks to the dedication and expertise of Mark and the Paraplanning team.

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