Nia has successfully passed her R04 exam

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Here at Hadlow Edwards Paraplanning Solutions we take pride in ‘growing our own’ and providing the necessary training and exam pathway to ensure each one of our paraplanner team become qualified to the highest possible standard.

We would like to celebrate Nia’s recent success in passing the R04 exam on her first attempt.

This exam tests the practical application of technical knowledge and planning skills already gained with previous study. It supports the provision of Competent and appropriate advice.

Nia has provided some useful tips and an insight in how to prep for the exam and pass!

Nia tells us…

This was my first Regulated Financial Planning exam and when it came to studying, I felt like I had to learn every single detail in the book. However, after looking at the learning objectives, it became clear that these were useful as it told you how many marks were on each objective. So, I spent most of my time studying the learning objectives that had the most marks.

I felt the exam went well. I had purchased a couple of past papers, which were in the same style of questioning, and they were very similar to ones I had in the exam. This made me feel more confident when answering.

I would recommend for anyone studying their RO4 exam, to focus on answering past question papers and make sure you have good knowledge on the learning objectives that have the most marks. The multiple response questions are sometimes quite tricky to spot which are the correct answers and the past papers definitely helped me here.

I now look forward to taking my RO5 exam before the end of the year. 😊



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